Traffic Giant

Traffic Giant

Traffic Giant' follows on from 'Industry Giant'. The player...

Traffic Giant' follows on from 'Industry Giant'. The player manages the public transport system running between various towns. His job is to establish and maintain routes of transportation.

Two gaming styles offer completely different gameplay: The first is to play the successful entrepreneur, whose main objective is to achieve maximum profits.

The other is to play the role of the government official in charge of public transport, whose main concern is the well-being of his citizens and, obviously, the citizens' votes in the next election.

A number of special events add to the atmosphere of the game and keep it interesting: Try coping with the traffic generated by the World Cup Final!

. Features:Over 500 different buildings. Large and very life-like cities. Important game facts always visible on-screen. Multi-player function allowing the players to play either with or against each other.

Simulated habitual behavior of the population. Difficulty levels that can be set to suit individual skill levels. from very easy to very difficult.

Easy-to-grasp game play. Campaigns and individual missions. Comprehensive statistics system. Intelligent computer opponent. Isometric world. City inhabitants and traffic 'function' and are visible.

Very realistic graphics. Large number of different means of transport. Performance that can be adjusted to every computer without loss of game playability.

System Requirements:Microsoft Windows 95/98. Pentium II 266 (100% IBM compatible). 32 MB RAM. 2 MB graphic card (min. 800x600 in HiColor). Mouse. Sound card optional.

DirectX 7. Recommended system:Microsoft Windows 95/98. Pentium II 266 (100% IBM compatible). 32 MB RAM. 4 MB graphic card (for resolution of 1024x768 in HiColor).


Traffic Giant


Traffic Giant